India Ratnagari Peaberry

India Ratnagari Peaberry


Varietal- Kent Bourbon

Processing method- Washed

Elevation- 1400 meters

This is quickly becoming a customer favorite in our retail cafes, we roast it to a classic medium level and bring out both chocolate covered hazelnut and balanced acidity that is hard not to love. This unique coffee has savory notes and is sure to be memorable.

Origin Information- Most of the coffee produced in India is Robusta, and is used for instant coffee and inexpensive blends. This coffee plantation was planted in 1920 by Shivappaiya Patre, who cultivated the estate and called it Ratnagiri which when translated to English means Pearl Mountain. This estate has now been passed on to the 3rd generation of Estate owners, Rohith and Ashok Patre.

227 grams/8 ounces

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